Dinner with a Dev at Mjølner

Hi Spacefriends!

Chiimera here with another update on the goings-on at EDU HQ.

We have been able to book Mjolner for Sunday again and the dinner will operate very similar to to last year. The food is awesome, the serving and presentation of the food including the shared desert is a little bit different from what most people are used to however we had a pretty amazing time last year and I think everyone enjoyed the atmosphere and chats with the devs.

Tickets are now on sale for $125 this event usually sells out quick so make sure you get a ticket before they sell out! As always you will be able to puchase that ticket through https://pilot.evedownunder.com

All updates via the website, facebook and email are pinged to our discord server so make sure you jump on and hang out with the team: https://discord.gg/ZH9FTRw

Stay tuned for our next dev announcement in the coming days!