EVE Down Under 2017

Time for another EVE Down Under! If it doesn't feel like it's been long since the last one, well, it hasn't (which is fine if you ask us).

For 2017 EVE Down Under is moving earlier in the year to 28-30 July. As we explained in our messages to the AUTZ community, this was primarily to give us some breathing room away from EVE Vegas, Evesterdam and CCP's winter release which all take place at the end of the year. We're hopeful this will mean we will have some exclusive content for our event and that CCP won't be in crunch mode so they'll have more devs available should one have to pull out (which unfortunately happened last year).

We'll be returning to the Lendlease Darling Quarter Theatre in Sydney and we've been thinking hard about the experience there last time and how we can improve. There are always challenges when working in a new venue for the first time but now we know what we need to do to make EVE Down Under 2017 run smoothly.

Early bird tickets are available now for $110 each and once they sell out tickets will go to their regular price of $130. For that you'll get 3 days of entertainment in Sydney including a full day of spaceships on Saturday and our social events on Friday, Saturday and Sunday where you can hang out with your spacefriends.

We're talking to CCP about which devs will be able to attend and when they're locked in we'll let you know!

Dinner with the Devs will be happening again on Sunday night and tickets for that will go on sale later. We're also still working on an accommodation deal so if you want to grab your event ticket but hold off on finding a hotel we'll have some news on that for you soon.

In the meantime you can get your tickets, mark your calendars and make your plans to attend EVE Down Under 2017 in Sydney!

Please note that this year in addition to PayPal you now also have the option to pay with your credit card. Please consider doing so as we pay lower fees on tickets and can put more into EDU!

[**GET YOUR TICKETS HERE!**](http://evedownunder.yapsody.com)