EVE Down Under 2019

Hello Spacefriends!

Today I bring you information surrounding the EVE Down Under 2019 event being held at SMC Sydney 23-26 May. We are still working through all of the details of the event with CCP and this will be an ongoing process.

First let's talk schedule, as of this post our schedule is coming together nicely with the SMC Sydney booked for the main event which will be held on Friday and Saturday. At SMC we have not just one but three rooms, the grand lodge will serve as the main stage featuring dev and player presentations in addition to some of the regular EDU shenanigans. Our other rooms will provide us with space for round tables and some PVP action.

As for secondary events we are looking at Dinner with a dev, reception, poker, party and hangover Sunday brunch. We are still working on finalising which day these will be on plus a number of fun smaller outings which you will be able to pick and choose from (or just chill at the pub VDD style).

Everyone wants to know about dev attendance and while we don't have definate numbers yet there will be a substantial presence from CCP. As soon as we have more on this subject we'll let you know.

We're all very excited to be given the backing of CCPs EVE World Tour and hope to bring you an unforgettable experience this year. Thank you for all of your support over the years and I hope to see you in Sydney!

  • Chiimera